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Completing the Valuation Office Agency Form 

Most of you will have received a letter from the Valuation Office Agency, (VOA), containing a form VO 6003 in respect of your beach hut, and which has to be completed and returned within 56 days.


We have been in touch with the VOA to establish what this is all about, and how we need to fill out the form.


Good news for hut owners. The bulk of the form doesn't apply to us. All you need to do is:-


Part 1.1 - Write in "Beach bathing & changing hut"


Part 1.2 - Write in your own name & address as the occupier of the hut.


Part 1.3 - Write in the date (if you can remember it!) when you took over your beach hut. If in doubt, put in the start date

                of the last lease i.e. 1/1/2005.


Part 1.4 - tick the "Yes" box because you own the hut.


Jump straight to Part 14 on page 8, (leaving parts 2 to 13 blank).


Part 14 - Tick the "No" box as you don't sublet your hut. (Clause 2.14 of our leases forbids sub-letting).


Part 15 - Sign, print your name; enter current date; write "Owner/Occupier" in the "Position" box; tick the "Owner" and

            "Occupier" boxes in the "I am the" section; enter your contact details in 'phone & email boxes.


Send off in the return envelope provided.


You may like to know that we were assured by the the VOA that there is no ulterior motive to this exercise. It is simply a review of properties subject to National Non Domestic Rates (NNDR) to update their Rateable Value data.

Last reviewed: 29/07/15

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