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Welcome to the SBHOA Website!

General Enquiries  Tel: 07973 282169 or use the contact form.

Security Number:   Tel: 07780 760877

Give your feedback on our newsletter 

The Association is committed to providing a newsletter 3 to 4 times a year and in today’s digital age, we want to know how you, the reader, would prefer to receive your copy. So, we would like your views. ​ We appreciate that people have different needs and ways of enjoying the printed word, so we will always provide a printed copy to whomever wants one by post. You can give your feedback here

Join Now!

We hope that as a fellow hut-owner you will want to be a part of the association. We all share a common interest and should all be looking to help each other to improve things for everyone. Membership is only £20 per hut for each 3 year period (to cover printing, postage & other running expenses)   For more information on membership, please read the membership page.

Has SBHOA got your correct details?

Have you moved, changed your home telephone, or mobile number?  Perhaps you have changed your email address, or your name.  Please ensure that The Association is in possession of your up to date details.   This is essential for two reasons:   1) In the event of any damage to your hut, we will need the correct details to contact you.   2) Newsletters and other information may be sent by mail or email, so in order not to miss out please keep SBHOA up to date.   Please download the change of personal details form in order to notify SBHOA of any changes to your details.   If you have moved please inform Southend-on-Sea Borough Council so they have your correct details and will be able to send your rent and rate demands to the correct address.  Also, if you have a gas meter, please inform your gas supplier of your new address.

 BHA Security Sign

If you want to fit the sign yourself, please advise whether you wish to collect the sign from a Committee Member or would like it delivered to your hut or home. Do you have a SBHOA security sign fitted to your hut?   If you would like one to be fitted to your hut, please use the "Contact Us" link and we can arrange this for you..    If you would like the sign fitted, please advise whether you wish the sign to be fitted to the rear, left or right side as you face the hut, or the front of the hut, if you want two, you may have them.  The signs and fitting are free.

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